Layout Of A New Home To Dig / Excavate The Basement

Step 1 Building A Home


The first day of on site construction involves putting stakes on the corners of the foundation and painting the exterior wall locations between the stakes. This will tell the excavator exactly where to dig. The site should have been surveyed before it was purchased so there should be survey pins at each of the property corners. These survey pins allow you to know exactly where the property lines are so you can determine where the house sits on the lot in relation to the property lines. Sometimes it is adviseable to hire a surveyor to also locate the corners of the foundation, especially if the property lines are not square with each other or the lot is sloping or the house barely fits on the lot.

Laying out the exterior foundation walls on the ground with paint and stakes is the first on site step in constructing a new home. You need to have the property corners staked by a licensed surveyor before laying out the home outline. This may be done by you if you feel confident or you can hire a civil engineer to do it. Either way, the end result will be a wooden stake placed at each exterior corner of the future foundation, within a few inches of the actual location. It is not critical to be perfect because the bucket of most excavators are several feet wide and they need to over excavate the hole by several feet to allow working room for the foundation form setters.

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phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed
phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed

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  1. If not already known you should verify the height of the top of foundation above the curb so the excavator will know how deep to dig. Things that determine the height are, possible neighborhood restrictive covenants, sewer line depth, slope of the yard from the house to the curb.
  2. Schedule the footing and foundation contractor with a hard date.
  3. Verify that the lot purchase has been closed at the bank and that it is recorded properly at the County recorders. You can't do any work on the property before the deed is recorded properly and construction insurance is in place.
  4. City inspection for lot drainage, when necessary, this is usually required before excavation.
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