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10x14 shed plans - Larger Shed Plans In The Most Popular Shed Designs

10x14 shed plans have a 140 square foot foot print. An 10x14 storage shed is large enough to drive a riding lawnmower in or set up a office shed or studio shed to have a home office. There are many styles of 10x14 garden sheds including garden sheds with steeper roofs, tall sheds that have full sized pre-built doors, modern sheds which are most often used as an office shed, and the ever popular regular storage shed.

Shed Designs Using The 10x14 Shed Plan Size

Our 10x14 storage shed plans have a great variety of shed styles including two different standard 10x14 gable roof shed designs, 10x14 Garden Sheds, 10x14 Lean To Shed Plans, a 10x14 Gambrel Roof Shed Plan, 10x14 Run In Shed, 10x14 Modern Shed Plan.

10x14 Gable Shed Design: The gable design comes in two different plan styles. Both sheds have a 4/12 pitch roof. The taller shed is designed to accomodate a pre-hung or home built door, its walls are 7'-7" tall which makes the door fit perfectly when a 2x6 header is used. The shorter shed design utilizes a home built door and a 6'-7" wall height.

10x14 Garden Shed Plans: Our Garden Shed line is characterized by steeper roofs, windows and sometimes a covered porch. The windows and multiple door options give the shed the look of a small colonial home with the utility of a storage shed. When the large double doors on the end of the shed are installed the access for large items is greatly increased.

10x14 Lean To Shed Plans: If you need simple cost effective storage space the lean to shed is your answer. Its single plane roof makes it easy to build and keeps the roof line down which is helpful when building up against a fence or other structure. The roof overhang is 6 inches on all sides of the shed. This overhang lenght can be shortened or lengthened to fit the needs of your site. The lean to shed is often used to build up against another structure like a fence or house. It is ideal for this because the rain and snow will flow away from the other building or structure.

10x14 Gambrel Roof Shed Plans: Like the 10x10 and 10x12 Gambrel shed plans the 10x14 gambrel shed design includes a loft floor storage area up in the roof area. This extra storage space increases the overall storage capacity of the shed substantially. The overhead loft has over 4'-6" of head room at the peak of the roof. This extra storage space is accessed by a 4 foot opening inside the shed on one end of the shed.

10x14 Horse Run In Shed Plans: If you are looking for a run in shed that can be moved around the field the 10x14 size is a great solution. Its design uses a wood skid foundation and comes with plans for metal tow straps attached at each corner. This sized run in shed is great for a single horse or multiple smaller animals to provide shelter from the sun, rain, wind and snow.

10x14 Modern Shed Plans: Building a 10x14 home office using our modern shed plans is a great way to move your work out of the house to your own private space. These sheds are designed with several different door location options to best fit your on site needs. The plans come with the information to finish the outside shell of the space. From there you can add electrical, drywall, trims, paint and floorings to create your own personal space.

10x14 Shed Foundations

The 10x14 sheds come with several types of design options. Most of the regular sheds come with 5 foundation options, they include:

Wood Rail Foundation: This is the simplest way to build a foundation for you storage shed. It is build by installing 2 pressure treated wood rails on the ground and the framing the floor joist system on top of them.

Concrete Slab Floor And Foundation: The concrete slab floor and footings is more permanent than the wood rail. The costs are just a bit more than framing the floor on wood rails. If you are comfortable working with concrete and want a more solid floor system for your shed then concrete may be your best solution.

Concrete Piers: Concrete piers work well when you have sloping ground because you can have one side of the shed higer off the ground than the other. There are three types of concrete piers that can be used to build your shed on.

Pre-cast piers are pre formed piers that are placed under each end of each floor joist. CMU block piers are set on top of a concrete pad and a then set up to the height you need the shed floor to be at. Poured concrete piers are also set on a concrete pad. A form is set on the pad and then filled up with concrete to the height needed for the shed floor. Planning The Construction Of Your Shed There are several important steps that will help you get ready to build your shed. These are some of the major steps to help you get started. You will need to decide on: How much space you need for additional storage or work The cost of the shed you want to build The style of the shed you intend to build Where in your yard you want to place the shed How the traffice will move around and into the shed. This may require installing the shed door on a different wall Verifying building permit needs

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At we have all the shed planning resources necessary to help you plan your shed construction. Our 10x14 shed plans library includes many different styles including regular gable sheds, gable shed, garden sheds with steep roofs, sheds with covered porches, modern sheds and even horse run in sheds!

Our How To Build A Shed Manual is a free resource that is included free with your shed plan purchase. It describes how to build all the elements of all of the sheds we sell. We have a shed building video series that goes over each of the shed building steps to help your see and understand how to build a 10x14 shed.

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Large Views of 10x14 Shed Plans 10x14 Colonial Shed 10x14 Colonial shed

10x14 Colonial Shed With A Porch

10x14 colonial shed with a porch

10x14 Gable Shed

10x14 gable shed

10x14 Gable Shed Tall

10x14 gable shed tall

10x14 Modern Shed S1

10x14 Modern Shed S2

10x14 studio shed

10x14 Modern Shed S2

10x14 modern shed

10x14 Lean To Shed

10x14 lean to shed

10x14 Run In Shed

10x14 Horse Run In Shed10x14 run in shed



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