10x20 Shed Plans

10x20 Shed Plan Library- Many styles to choose from

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10x20 Shed Plans - Large Sheds With Plenty Of Storage And Work Space

If you need a big shed that is narrow compared to its length the 10x20 shed size may be your solution. The 10x20 shed size is plenty big enough to store a lawn tractor and still leave lots of room for a workshop or storage space.

Sheds that are long and skinny like the 10x20 large sheds offer more wall space than the same sized shed that has walls that are more equal in size. This allows more wall space storage. For instance the 10x20 shed have 60 lineal feet of walls to store things on whereas a 14x14 shed would only have 56 feet of wall space

Our 10x20 shed plan designs include garden sheds with steep roofs and windows, a standard gable shed design with a lower slope roof, a lean to shed, a gambrel shed and even a run in shed with a tack room.

Bigger sheds give you more storage or work space. A more narrow shed in a longer length will give you an increased amount of wall area for the amount of square footage when compared to a more square floor plan. More wall space gives you more wall storage space.

Shed Designs Using The 10x20 Shed Plan Size

We have several different 10x20 shed styles to help you find the shed you need for your backyard or garden storage and work needs. Our 10x20 shed library includes several styles:

10x20 Gable Shed Design: Our basic 10x20 gable shed is designed to be easy and cost effective to build. It has the option for home built or pre-hung door designs. The home built door plans are included with every shed plan package. There are optional drawings showing the wall framing to put the doors on either the long or short walls of the shed. The shed wall height can be built using the 7'-7" wall height or you can use pre-cut framing studs to make the walls 8'-1".

10x20 Garden Shed Plans: Our Colonial shed design is built with the door and windows on the long wall. The door is centered between the two windows. There is also plans for a larger door on the 10' wall so you can move larger items like hand tools or a riding lawnmower in and out of the shed. The wall and door configuration can be changed to fit your needs. The window planters and shutters add a beautiful design accent to the garden shed.

10x20 Backyard Shed Plans: Spruce up your yard or garden by building a Cape Cod style shed. By putting the single door on one end of the long wall and then adding two windows next to it you will be able to access the far end of the shed without going through the double doors on the end.

10x20 Lean To Shed Plans: The 10x20 lean to shed design allows you to build the 10x20 sized shed with a minimal roof profile and simple roof design. The single slope roof makes it easy to build the shed up against a wall or another structure. Typically the roof is sloped away from the structure it is built against so that the rain and snow does not build up between the two structures. The plans come with wall framing plans that show how to frame the door opening on each of the shed walls including the tall wall, end walls and the short wall.

10x20 Run In Shed With Tack Room: If you are looking for a small run in shed and a tack room the 10x20 run in shed is a great solution. It has a 10x10 stall and a 8' wide by 7'-6" tall opening that allows your horse or other livestock to move freely in and out of the protected shelter without needing help to open a door. The roof design uses a saltbox roof style.

10x20 Shed Foundations

The 10x20 sheds come with several different foundation plans. Each of the plans, except for the run in shed comes with 5 different foundation plans.These include:

Wood Rail Foundation: This is the most used shed foundation because of its simplicity. It uses two pressure treated wood rails set directly on a level bed of crushed gravel. Concrete Slab: The concrete slab is a permenant shed floor and foundation design. It costs slightly more than the wood rail and the labor involved to build it is also a bit more. Pre-Cast Concrete Piers: These are concrete blocks that are pre poured with slots for the floor joist framing to sit in. CMU Block and Poured Concrete Piers: These foundation styles are best suited for sloping lots. The shed can be built with one side of the shed higher than the other

Learn How To Build A Shed

Planning your shed construction is as important as actually building the shed. Before construction begins you will need to plan the following:

How large your shed will need to be What style of shed to build as well as the exterior finishes to be used like siding and roofing How much the project will will cost, this involves the size and style of the shed Where you will build the shed How traffic will flow to and around the shed, what side of the shed the door will be on. Building permit issues, when required

Start Building Your Shed Now!

iCreatables is a great shed planning and building resource. We have all the information needed to help you plan your shed construction project. The 10x20 shed plans shown on this page offer many of the most popular shed design styles to help you pick the perfect shed for your needs. You will find the steep roof colonial style shed, the regular gable roof shed, the lean to shed design, the 10x20 gambrel shed and the run in shed with a tack room designs.

We have several shed building instructional resources to help you in your project. We have a How To Build A Shed Manual that comes with your shed plan purchase and on our website we have an online How To Build A Shed tutorial and a video series entitled How To Build A Shed.

iCreatables has the perfect 10x20 shed design to help your build your garden or back yard shed. Look through our selection of 10x20 shed plans shown above and choose the shed plan and start working on your shed building project today!

Large Views of 10x20 Shed Plans

10x20 Colonial Shed

10x20 colonial shed

10x20 Gable Shed

10x20 backyard shed

10x20 2 Stall Horse Barn

10x20 2 stall horse barn

10x20 Run In Shed With Tack Room

10x20 Run in shed with tack room

10x20 Gambrel Shed

10x20 Gambrel Shed

10x20 Lean To Shed

10x20 Lean To Shed

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phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed
phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed

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