12x18 Shed Plans

12x18 Storage Shed Plans

12x18 shed plans have a 218 square foot foot print which makes a very large shed to store things or set up a home office, studio or 12x18 shed workshop. Our plan selection for these larger sheds includes Lean To shed plans, Cape Cod design, Horse Barn. Doors can be moved to any of the walls on sheds with door openings.

Shed Designs Using The 12x18 Shed Plan Size:

12x18 Lean To Shed Plans: The 12x18 lean to shed is one of our largest lean to shed designs. The shed uses a 2 in 12 roof pitch which keeps the height of the shed down. Most roofing types will work on a 2 in 12 design as long as you follow the roofing manufacturers low slope application. The plans include details for metal roofing and asphalt shingles. The shed door can be installed on any of the 4 shed walls.

12x18 Horse Barn Plans: Our 12x18 run in shed is a larger run in shed that provides plenty of room for several horses to get out of the elements and still keep their distance from each other. They are able to freely move in and out of the shed without the need to have a door opened. It also works well for storing farm equipment or other large tools.

12x18 Cape Cod Shed Plans: If you want a "New England" style shed our Cape Cod design is perfect. The shed roof is 10/12 pitch and the rakes on the gables are narrow with a short roof eve. The windows are narrow and tall. This architectural style is very common in the north east which makes it a perfect addition to your yard or garden. The large double doors on the end of the shed make it easy to move large equipment or toys in and out of the shed, at 12'x18' this shed will even fit a boat!

Shed Heights to Meet City Buiilding Code Requirements Click To See The Heights Of Our Shed Plans
phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed
phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed

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