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8x10 Modern Shed Plans
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  • FREE - How To Build A Shed eBook included with every shed plans purchase.
  • Cost Effective - Our shed plans are designed to make your shed simple and inexpensive to build.
  • Easy To Build From - Professionally drawn with step by step instructions to show both an old pro or a first time framer how to build a shed. (see the plans example below).
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The 8x10 modern office shed plans highlights:

An 8x10 storage shed is a great size to help organize your yard tools, motorcycle, bikes or riding lawn mower. The difference between modern and other storage sheds is mostly the design. The usable storage space inside is the same it is simply the look that is different. The flat roof is a little simpler to build but there are additional windows. The modern shed can be built without windows.

8x10 Modern Shed Plans Specifications Overview

These are the basic materials used to build the 8x10 shed. Materials such as vinyl siding or a pre-hung door can be substituted to change the look or functionality of the shed but will increase the cost.

  • Foundation = 4 different foundations are included in the plans; Wood skid, Concrete slab, Concrete Pier, Precast pier.
  • Floor = 2x8 floor joists with 3/4" floor sheathing.
  • Walls = 2x4 framing at 16" on center with a double top plate and the shed wall height is 7'-6".
  • Windows = The square of three windows are mulled together by your window manufacturer so you only need to install a single window unit. The upper windows are installed individually.
  • Door = The specified door is a 3068 full glass residential home pre-hung door. Other doors may be used.
  • Roof = The roof is framed using 2x8's at 24" on center. It is sheeted with 1/2" O.S.B.
  • Roofing = Corrugated metal.
  • Siding = T1-11 siding installed horizontally to give a cost effective modern look.

Sample of our 8x10 Modern Shed Plans:

8x10 modern shed plans

Exterior Detail Plans

The exterior details are what gives the shed its look. The modern looking sheds have three different ways of siding them.

  1. T1-11 siding installed horizontally to give a cost effective modern look. The Plans include instruction for installing T1-11 siding horizontally.
  2. Installing a rubber membrane on the whole structure and then cement boards are laid flat on the side with a 1/2" gap between them. This is the most expensive way to side the modern shed.
  3. Installing lap siding which gives a more traditional lean to shed look.

The facia on the roof is covered with a galvanized metal facia custom made by a local siding company.

Foundation And Floor Framing Plan

The main foundation plan for our 8x10 storage shed is built using 6x6 pressure treated wood as the skids. These boards keep the floor off the ground and make the shed easier to move if necessary. There are also plans included that show how to build a Pre-Cast Pier Foundation, Slab Foundation and Building Section, Concrete Pier Foundation Plan and Section and Isometric, Concrete Pier Floor Framing Plan.

Wall Framing Plans

The shed walls are framed using 2x4 lumber at 16" on center for the studs and top and bottom plates. They are sheeted with T-111 exterior siding installed horizontally. You can add other sidings such as stucco or stone to match your home if you like.

Roof Framing Plans

The roof is framed using simple 2x8's at 24" o.c. to stick frame the rafters over a 3 1/2" x 9" Glu laminated beam. The plans give you the dimensions and cut angles so you can cut the roof rafters on the ground and then put them up on the top plates and beam. The roof is sheeted using 1/2" O.S.B.

Door Plans

The door for the modern shed is a standard 3068 exterior grade door. You can put a door with glass in it as shown on the picture or a solid door. (or any door you like).

FREE Shed Materials List (Click To Download and Print)

Free storage shed plans materials list
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phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed
phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed

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