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8x16 Modern Studio Shed

8x16 modern studio shed plan

8x16 Gable Shed

8x16 short backyard shed plans

8x16 Short Shed

8x16 short shed plans

8x16 Lean To Shed

8x16 lean to shed plans



8x16 shed plans - A great way to maximize a narrow space!

8x16 shed plans have 128 square feet of floor space. This is about the size of a 10x12 bedroom in a house and gives plenty of room to store larger items like bicycles and a lawn mower. By adding hooks and shelves to the walls you will greatly increase the amount of storage that your shed can handle.

iCreatables has several styles of 8x16 shed designs including the modern shed, lean to shed, a gambrel shed, a backyard shed and even a short shed that is under 8 feet tall to help comply with some city height regulations. With so many 8x16 shed styles to choose from we are sure to have a shed that fits you storage needs.

iCreatables 8x16 Backyard Storage Shed Design Styles

Beyond having the basic 8x16 backyard storage shed with a gable roof, we also have many other designs to fit most every need.

8x16 Garden Shed: Our 8x16 garden style shed is our Traditional Victorian design. This shed has a steep 10 in 12 roof slope and longer roof overhangs to give it that cute New England or Colonial look. The steeper roof allows for a bit of extra storage in the roof area if you add horizontal supports.

8x16 Lean To Shed Plans: The lean to shed is a simple way to build your shed. Our lean to designs use 3 walls that are the same height and then a taller wall on the tall side. This makes the shed easier to frame. The roof rafters are 2x6 boards and have a 6 inch overhang. Lean to sheds are great for building up against a house or fence because they keep the water and snow running away from the larger structure.

8x16 Short Shed Plans: This shed is used when you need a shed design that is shorter than 8' tall. This happens when local buiding regulations require the shed to be shorter than 8 feet tall. Our 8x16 short shed has a typical 4 in 12 slope roof which makes it easy to install roofing without extra underlayment. The floor framing is installed directly in contact with a bed of gravel to reduce the overall height. The floor framing is done with metal studs or pressure treated wood that is rated for contact with soil.

8x16 Gambrel Shed Plans: The 8x16 gambrel is a little larger shed that looks like a big barn. The roof is made using 4 roof planes. This design gives you extra volume for storage.

8x16 Common Gable Shed: Our basic gable shed design comes with two different wall heights. It can have a taller wall which will allow it to use a standard 6'-8" pre-hung door or a 6'-8" home built door. The shorter wall height 8x16 shed allows you to use a home built door and keeps the overall shed height low. This is especially helpful if you want to keep a low profile in your backyard.

*Please verify locally the cost of building materials, these are estimates based on materials bids at the time of writing.

Building Your Shed:

It is important to spend some time planning your storage project before purchasing materials to build it. Read below to see some of the steps to take before building your shed.

  • How much storage space do you need?
  • How much will the shed you want cost to build?
  • Where will you build the shed?
  • How will the shed door(s) be accessed from the yard? and
  • How with the traffic in the yard be affected by the shed?
  • What style of shed do you want?


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iCreatables is your one stop resource for all your shed building questions and ideas. We have published a How To Build A Shed manual and shed building videos that answer most questions people have about shed building. We also will answer your questions as you build your shed.

Our 8x16 backyard shed plan library has most of the common styles of sheds to help you build a simple storage area, a home office or a simple retreat.Click on any of the links above to view more information about the sheds shown and start your shed building project today!

Shed Heights to Meet City Buiilding Code Requirements Click To See The Heights Of Our Shed Plans
phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed
phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed

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