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8x8 firewood shed plans8'x8' Firewood Shed Plans. Holds 3 Cords Firewood

Large 8x8 Shed Plan Library - Many styles to choose from

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8x8 shed plans - A great way to have back yard storage in a small space

8x8 shed plans have a 64 square foot foot print. An 8x8 storage shed is large enough for a lawn mower and several bikes. If you spend some time installing hanging hooks on the walls and a shelf or two you can greatly increase the storage capacity of this medium sized garden shed. There are many styles of 8x8 garden sheds including garden sheds with steeper roofs, tall sheds that have full sized pre built doors, firewood sheds that can hold several cords of firewood, saltbox sheds and of course the regular simple storage shed with a shed door that you build yourself. Our 8x8 shed plans come in many great styles so there is sure to be one that fits your yard or garden to give you that extra storage space you need. All of our 8x8 shed floor plans have 64 square feet of floor space, minus the wall thickness.

iCreatables 8x8 Storage Shed Design Styles

Beyond having the basic 8x8 backyard storage shed we also have many other designs to fit most every need in the 8x8 shed designs.

8x8 Garden Shed: Our 8x8 backyard shed design comes with a steep roof that has an 10/12 pitch. With its narrow rake eves it has the look of a cape cod style shed. This is a great way to give your shed a great look and also add a bit of storage in the attic space.

8x8 Lean To Shed Plans: The lean to is one of the simplest shed designs to build. Our 8x8 back yard lean to utilizes three walls that are the same height and a third taller shed wall. The shed roof framing is a single plane and is built with 2x6 boards. The overhang is 6 inches but can be extended longer or made narrower depending on your specific needs. The lean to shed is often built next to a fence, house wall or other structure and sometimes the roof is brought in flush with one of the shed walls or the roof framing is attached to the adjacent structure and the tall wall is removed all together.

8x8 Wood Shed Plans: If you want to store firewood we have the perfect 8x8 firewood shed for your wood storage needs. Our firewood sheds are designed to have plenty of ventilation to keep the air moving around your wood pile. It is the perfect size to hold approximately 3 cords of firewood. The floor is built using pressure treated 2x4 boards that are spaced 1 inch apart to allow plenty of wood to circulate up through the stacked wood to keep it dry and help it properly season.

8x8 Greenhouse Plans: Building a greenhouse should be simple. Our 8x8 greenhouse plans offer a simple design with a corrugated polycarbonate roof and lots of windows on the walls to let in plenty of sunshine. Inside the greenhouse there is a wood planting bench on 3 of the walls to give you plenty of space to work on. The door of the backyard greenhouse is designed to utilize a pre-hung door with a full light glass to let in even more light.

8x8 Gambrel Shed Plans: The 8x8 gambrel is a small shed that looks like a big barn. The 4 plane roof gives you plenty of room to stand inside the shed and store things. It is can be built with either asphalt shingles or aluminum roofing.

8x8 Common Gable Shed: Our basic gable shed design comes with two different wall heights. It can have a taller wall which will allow it to use a standard 6'-8" pre-hung door or a 6'-8" home built door. The shorter wall height 8x8 shed allows you to use a home built door and keeps the overall shed height low. This is especially helpful if you want to keep a low profile in your backyard.

8x8 Storage Shed Foundation Styles

There are several different types of foundations that you can use to build your 8x8 shed on. Which one you choose depends on the your needs, the site conditions and your budget.

Wood Rail: This is a simple way to put a foundation under your storage shed. It consists of 2 pressure treated 4x6 boards that the shed floor joists sit on. The floor joists, 3/4 inch sheeting and wood rails will cost about $125.00*

Concrete Slab: Using a concrete slab is a more permanent way to build your shed floor and foundation. If you use a concrete slab you will not need to frame the shed floor so the costs are very similar to a framed floor with wood treated boards. An 8x8 concrete slab takes just under 1 yard of concrete. A yard of concrete delivered will be around $160.00*.

Concrete Pier: The concrete pier foundation is typically used on sloping ground. The costs are higher for this foundation because it requires using concrete for the piers and a wood framed floor for on top of the piers. Additionally you will need beams to carry the weight of the shed between the concrete piers.

*Please verify locally the cost of building materials, these are estimates based on materials bids at the time of writing.

Building Your Shed:

Planning for the construction of your shed is one of the most important steps in building your 8x8 shed. The steps in planning your new shed include figuring out:

Your storage needs How much the shed you want to build will cost Where you will build the shed What side of the shed the door will be on and how traffic in your yard will affect the shed placement. What shed style you will build.

Building an 8x8 Storage Shed is typically fairly simple. This size is small enough that the project is easy to complete quickly.

Start Working on Your New Shed Today!

We have all the resources you need to plan your shed building project! Our How To Build A Shed manual and step by step videos will answer your questions about all the shed building steps along the way. Our 8x8 shed plans offer all of the common shed design styles to help you plan your storage area, workshop, or firewood storage needs. Click on any of the links at the top of this page to learn more about the different 8x8 shed styles and find your perfect plan and start working today!

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phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed
phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed

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