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Are you interested in building your own shed? Everyone needs more storage space. Whether to declutter your garage, basement and attic or simply to have a workspace a shed is great solution. If you have chosen to build your own storage shed there are Four ways to get the job done:

  1. Buy plans and build the shed from materials purchased at your local lumber yard.
  2. Design your own shed and purchase the materials from your local lumber yard.
  3. Buying a kit and assemble the manufactures pieces.
  4. Hiring a shed builder to build a shed on your property.

Building a shed is not that hard if you decide what your storage and space needs are, have the right plan and a little knowledge of how to build a shed. All those things can be found right here in our Building A Shed article. Use the section for shed design ideas if you are feeling creative and want to spice up your shed.

How To Build A ShedStorage Shed Plans A collection of storage shed plans that you can download, print out and build your shed from. Our storage shed plans are very detailed and include a detailed list of shed building materials, nailing schedule so you know which nails to put where, a full size rafter birdsmouth cut out template, and a tool list. A general step by step instruction on how to build a shed can be found at How To Build A Shed.

how to build a shedHow To Build A Shed Instructions If you are thinking about building a storage shed this is the place to start. These are the detailed steps that teach you how to build a shed. The steps described in this article are on every set of plans we sell but if you want a sneak peak or are just looking for a little help in building a storage shed then keep reading.

shed designShed Designs A collection of shed designs from around the internet. These shed designs will inspire you to create a shed that is more than a wood box in your yard. With a little extra effort you can design a shed that compliments your home to create lasting value and increase your property value. So keep reading and get inspired by these great shed designs.

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office shedOffice Shed | Studio Shed | Modern Shed | Converting Shed To Office Building a office shed or converting a shed to use as a home office is a great idea. There are a few things you need to consider when building a office shed. Learn more about this fun shed project.


lean to shedLean To Shed | Lean To Storage Shed A Lean to shed is a shed with a single plane roof. A lean to shed is often built up against an existing wall but can also be built free standing. This article and its links teach you about lean to sheds and have some great lean to shed plans.

garden shed elevationGarden Sheds Most sheds go in the yard or garden area but the term Garden Shed has a special meaning that puts sheds with its the name Garden Shed in a special class. Garden Sheds are just "cuter" for lack of a better word. This article has garden shed ideas and links to some great Garden shed plans.


Horse Barn ShedsRun In Sheds A run in shed is the perfect place to let your animals get in out of the elements, whether it is summer heat, winter snow or seasonal rains. A run in shed allows your animals to freely move in and out of the horse barn.


Horse Barn ShedsGreenhouse Sheds Having your own greenhouse is the perfect way to start your growing season early, start plant or extend the growing season into the fall. It also lets you work in the "garden" no matter what the weather is.


Horse Barn ShedsGenerator Enclosures Protect your generator when it is not being used by building a generator enclosure. These simple sheds help protect your valuable equipment by keeping it locked up out of the elements when it is not being used. When you need generator power it is ready to go.

Other considerations when building a shed are:

Shed Site Selection: If you are reading this article you probably have the site you want too build a shed on already picked out. Remember to check your local city zoning requirements, they will tell you minimum distances from property lines and other structures as well as any height restrictions. . The slope of the ground can affect the placement of your shed. It is best to build on as level ground as possible. If you are building on a slope then you will most likely put the door on the end of the shed that is closest to the ground so you can easily get things in and out of the shed.

Shed Size: Before you start building you will need to determine your storage shed space needs and possibly how much space in your yard you want to devote to the shed. Storage sheds come in any size imaginable, when they are really small they are called lockers or cabinets and when they are big they are called barns.

Shed Design: When building a shed most people just want a simple painted box with a roof on it and a locking door but a little creative effort can turn your shed building project into a functional and beautiful creation that you will enjoy every time you look and use it. There are functional shed design questions that need to be answered like "What side should the door go on?", or "How high should the ceiling be?", "How large should the shed door be?", "Do I want windows?", " What kind of roof design do I want?" "What siding will I use?", "What roofing will I use?", "What will be the use of the shed? Storage only or potting shed or office?". The main types of shed designs are:

  • Salt box shed: A salt box shed is characterized by a roof that has two different pitches and a higher wall on the front side and a shorter wall on the back side. There is a steeper pitched roof section at the front of the shed and then a lower pitched roof on the back side of the shed. You can view plans to salt box sheds at Shed Plans.
  • Lean To Shed: A lean to shed has a roof that is a single plane that slopes from one side to the other. You can read more about lean to sheds and see pictures in the article Lean To Shed.
  • Gambrel Shed: A gambrel shed is characterized by its 4 plane roof. Gambrel sheds offer a large area up in the ceiling to increase the storage capacity of the shed.

Shed Costs: There are many factors that can increase or decrease the cost of building a garden shed. The biggest factors that will change the cost of a shed are the size, the method of construction, the style of shed you pick and the level of finish on the inside and outside. These are some of the things to consider when deciding which shed plan to purchase and build.

  • Economy Shed: The common or economy shed is the most basic design of construction to keep costs down and still have a durable long lasting shed. Some of the features that make the shed easy on the pocket book are Plywood siding (T1-11), low slope roof, asphalt shingles, lower wall height, skid foundation, no windows, and a simple door.
  • Delux Shed: A delux shed is similar to the economy shed has upgrades like a steeper pitched roof, nicer roofing shingles, detailed roof overhangs and eves, windows, taller walls, sidings like lap siding or vertical board siding.

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phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed

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