Shed Plans With A Storage Loft

Building a shed with a loft is a great way to add extra storage space above the shed floor. Many people also use the shed design as a tiny house with a loft. Many of our designs utilize a loft area. Most of them also have windows to add outside light to the inside of the shed.

Features Of Our Shed Plans With A Loft

Functionality: Adding a loft space above the main floor of the shed greatly increases the storage capacity of your storage without making the shed larger in its footprint.

All of our loft designs can be modified on site to alter the access and size of the loft. When modifying the loft just make sure that you keep enough of the loft cross supports to keep the walls from spreading apart. This becomes more important as the shed size increases.


The raised roof at the loft often allows for windows up high on the shed wall or under a dormer roof. The ability to have windows varies depending on the shed design. Our Victorian Sheds with Dormer all have windows in the dormer roof. Most of them also have transom windows on the gable ends of the sheds. Check the specific plan to see if the transom window is in the loft area or on the main floor. The Lean to sheds with a loft also have windows up high. The Gambrel shed designs have the loft area within an increased roof space. The windows on our gambrel sheds, when installed must be on the gable ends of the shed.

Lean To Loft Shed Designs

The lean to shed with a loft is the easiest way to build a shed with a loft. The steeper single slope roof creates a space for the loft.

Dormer Shed Plans With Loft

The dormer shed design is a beautiful shed that will compliment any backyard. It has a gable style rafter roof that is stick framed by installing a ridge beam and then attaching rafters to the ridge beam. The dormer raises in part of the roof to allow for windows and create extra head room.

Gambrel Shed Plans With Loft

The gambrel shed represents a design that has a rich history of creating extra space to store things. The unique roof design creates extra volume in the roof area. Most of our larger Gambrel shed designs have a storage loft above.

Start Planning and Building a Storage Shed With a Loft Today.!

Building a shed with a loft is the perfect way to increase your storage shed capabilities without increasing the footprint of the shed on the ground. We have many sizes and styles of shed designs with lofts to choose from. So check out the different plans above and start building today!

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phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed

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