Saltbox Shed Plans

A saltbox shed is defined by its long sloping roof on the back and shorter sloped roof on the front. Our shed plan adaptation of this Classic American colonial architectural style that originated in New England has a front roof with a 12/12 pitch, and the rear roof has a lower slope of 5/12. The lower pitched roof line on the back of the salt box allows you to have the look of a salt box shed without the need to build a two story shed. The lower roof also allows the garden shed to be built up against a wall or fence and still keep the roof below the top of the fence.
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phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed
phone and email questions about shed plans and shed building how to build a shed

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Salt Box Shed Plans

Our Salt Box back yard storage sheds have several different design options. Different sizes and door locations on the tall wall or the end walls allow you the flexibility to situate the shed in a way that best fits your yard or garden and give you the best access to the shed.

Window options for the saltbox shed design depend on the length of the shed. The 10' and 12' long sheds have the ability to have a small shed window installed next to the door on the tall wall. These windows may be removed entirely by not including the window framing.

A benefit of the smaller roof on the tall wall side of the shed is the reduced snow piling up because most of it runs off the back side of the shed. This is helpful is you live in an area where it snows and are using the door on the tall wall side of the shed and using the shed during the winter months because it reduces the amount of snow that will fall from the roof in front of the access door to the shed.

Using the saltbox roof design as a greenhouse. Some home builders use the salt box shed as a greenhouse by installing translucent roofing on the roof of the larger roof side of the shed. They then build a greenhouse work table under the clear roofing and use it to hold potted plants.

Whatever your needs are for building a saltbox shed our basic design will get you started. Find out more about the floor plans and door and window configurations of our backyard saltbox shed plans by clicing on the shed images above!

Salt Box Shed Foundation Plans

The salt box shed plans come with 5 different foundation plans as standard options.

Wood Rail: The standard, and most used, foundation plan is the wood rail foundation that consists of 2 pressure treated wood rails that sit directly on top of a leveled bed of crushed gravel.

Concrete Slab: Using a concrete slab for the floor and founation of your shed is a permenant way to build the floor. Concrete costs a little bit more than framing the floor on top of the wood rails. It is a great way to get a solid floor on your shed that will be strong enough to hold anything you can fit in the doors.

Concrete Pier: Builidng the shed floor on top of concrete piers is typically done when you need to build the shed on a sloping area. Piers make it easy to make one side of the shed higher than the other. Concrete piers come in three different ways.

CMU Blocks are set on top of a concrete pad and set to the height that the beams holding the floor up are. Pre Cast Concrete Piers are pre-poured so you can set them on a gravel bed and then set the floor joists on them. Poured Piers are made by pouring concrete in forms. The forms are typically made from cardboard and can easily be cut to the height needed to support the floor beams.

Planning To Build Your Salt Box Shed

Building a salt box shed from plans is not hard if you have a good set of shed plans and take the time to properly plan the project. The following are some of the important steps that should be followed when planning your shed construction:

What amount of storage space do you need? Do the building requirements of your local building department have any restrictions on building a shed? Does your homeowners association have any buiding requirements? Where will you build the shed on your property? Is the Salt Box Shed design the best shed style for my storage needs? How much will the shed cost to build? Begin Planning for and Building A Salt Box Shed Today! can help you build your Salt Box Shed. We have a large salt box shed plan library with many different sizes of sheds to fit many storage needs. In the 8 foot deep size we have the 8x8, 8x10 and 8x12 salt box designs. In the 10 foot deep size we have a 10x10 salt box shed plan.

We have several different instructional resources that are designed to help you complete your shed. These include a How To Build A Shed eBook that is included free with every shed plan purchase. This book describes step by step how to build all the different parts of your storage shed. It covers all the different sheds in our plan library. It also has nailing schedules, instructions on how to square walls, frame door and window openings and even details to lengthen the roof eves of your shed.

If you would like to watch how to build a shed we also have a video series showing you all the steps in building. You can view our How To Builld A Shed Video Series by clicking on this link. It has a detailed explanation on how to build roof rafters and roofing. It also covers every other part of building a regular storage shed. If you would rather read the how to instructions there is a web based tutorial that you can find at the same link.

iCreatables has the salt box shed plan for you to help you complete your project. Our large selection of salt box shed designs and large instructional resources will help you complete your yard or garden shed building project. Please take a few minutes and browes the different shed designs and choose the perfect salt box shed and start building today!

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